You can go to Central Station’s website, here, to check out more, or to buy the self-titled album, Central Station.

Although officially formed in late 2011, it could be said that Central Station truly originated back in 1996 when Matthew James and Simon Melrose sat down on a porch to strum a few chords on an acoustic guitar. While neither knew at the time where their collaboration would lead them, it was clear even then that they were destined to make music together in one configuration or another. Fast forward 15 years; the duo felt that the time was right to put together a hard hitting group of local talent to bring their brand of soulful ballads and funky blues rock to music fans, thus Central Station was born. As a fitting title, Central Station brings together many disparate styles, rearranges them, and displays them as a cohesive and pleasing sound. With the release of their self titled debut album, Central Station is eager to bring fresh music into the public conscience.

With an emphasis on crafting hook based songs that showcase the stellar vocal work of front man Matthew James, Central Station is comprised of some of the finest instrumentalists to come out of the Northern San Francisco Bay Area. Guitarist Simon Melrose cut his teeth in the clubs and theaters of the Bay Area playing for cover bands such as “Groove Juicy” and “The Memphis Kings”, before forming his own jazz combo in college, and then touring with the show band ‘Mirage’ for Royal Caribbean Cruise lines. With a bluesy yet tasteful guitar sound reminiscent of Larry Carlton and a rock rhythm right hand, Simon’s eclectic style brings a broad palate to the Central Station sound. Holding down the piano and Hammond organ chair in the band, Roy Gattinella has been playing keys in rock, jazz, and funk bands since his high school days in Philly. Roy’s influences can be traced to Brother Jack McDuff, Jimmy Smith, Robert Glasper and a host of other keyboard giants. Roy’s bag of tricks is deep and soulful and he brings an air of sophistication to Central Station. Drummer/percussionist Rob Matteri keeps the beat and lays down the solid groove on which the station is built. As former drummer for some of Sonoma County’s more notorious original rock bands, including  “Dorsoul” and “The Freightliners”, Rob is a charter member of the ‘who’s who’ in his peer group. Holding down the bottom line is Bay Area native and bassist Shawn Maloney. Shawn has performed and recorded with such artists as: Public Notice, Ali Weiss, Pocket Change, Living Proof, North Bay Blues Revue and many others. With apparent influence by his musical heroes Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, and Tony Saunders, Shawn keeps it simple, in the pocket, and funky. Vocalist and Central Station front man, Matthew James is a rare natural talent. Influenced by the vocal stylings of artists such as Jason Mraz, Amos Lee, and many other contemporary singers, Matthew has the ability to cover a variety of styles (often within one song). His singing has been featured on several recordings, and Matthew has fronted original rock bands, including “The SOL Band”, “The Stigma”, and “Flash Fiction”.