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As a teacher, very little is satisfying as seeing a passion for music ignite in a student’s eyes. It gives me great pleasure to share my love for music, and for playing the drums. I strive to build relationships with all of my students in order to develop lessons, and lesson plans that are custom tailored to their individual needs. By reinforcing strengths, while targeting challenging areas, I help students to become creative and well-rounded musicians’. Becoming a successful musician requires a high degree of discipline and dedication. However, it is important to remember inspiration and enjoyment are of equal importance. Above all, my goal is to empower students by giving them the tools that they will need, to express themselves through their instrument. Based out of Santa Rosa California, I am available for studio, and live performances, as well as music instruction by appointment.

My Bio

I was born and raised in the small town of Sebastopol, located in Northern California. When I was nine years old a family friend introduced me to the art of drumming and my life was forever changed. Little did I know at the time that this first exposure would spark a lifelong passion for music, and for playing the drums. Now, more than twenty years later that passion continues to flourish and yield evermore-satisfying returns. I have been privileged to share the stage with many successful San Francisco Bay Area bands. Most recently, I have enjoyed recording and performing with The Pat Jordan Band, and the newly formed group Central Station. In addition to my experiences playing live I have also had the opportunity to share my passion for the drums as a teacher. More than ten years ago I began teaching both privately and in conjunction with local music stores in the North Bay Area.

Current Bands

Pat Jordan Band has grown into a powerful five-piece acoustic-rock band based in Northern California. With a sound carved from hundreds of live shows, and constant drive to evolve and progress, Pat Jordan Band has developed a devoted following spanning from coast to coast, and a style all their own. Central Station officially formed in late 2011, it could be said that they truly originated back in 1996 when Matthew James and Simon Melrose sat down on a porch to strum a few chords on an acoustic guitar. While neither knew at the time where their collaboration would lead them, it was clear even then that they were destined to make music together in one configuration or another. Fast forward 15 years; the duo felt that the time was right to put together a hard hitting group of local talent to bring their brand of soulful ballads and funky blues rock to music fans, thus Central Station was born.

All About Projects Past and Present

JREV Denise Morris

Formed In June 2016


Through music and ministry, bringing people closer to God with the message of love. With love comes truth, freedom, peace, and salvation. Our mission is to fill everyone’s…

Anthony Presti

Formed In

3 Albums

Singer/Songwriter Anthony Presti grew up in the suburbs of Seattle, inspired by an evolving  and engaging grunge scene. In his teenage years, he moved to Northern California and…

"We just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who came out and showed their support last Saturday night. Thanks for making our first show such a great experience! You guys rock!"
Blue Radio

Rob Matteri's Media Past and Present Projects


My Discography

Denise Morris Wherever You Go- Denise Morris, Woo Dhanasunthorn, Jeff Horne, Eli Contreras, Rob Matteri
Central Station Self Titled – Simon Melrose, Shawn Maloney, Matthew Pintor, Roy Gattinella, Rob Matteri
Pat Jordan Band Twice – Pat Jordan, Luis Garcia, Simon Melrose, Brendan Buss, Rob Matteri
Stony Point All in my Head – Karen Hicks, Marc Francis, Buster Culberson, Jim Peterson, Rob Matteri
The Freightliners Golden State – Jamison Harrison, Jason Uber, Lee Payne, Rob Matteri

Risen State of the World EP – Sean McCall, Barton Stein, Jamison Harrison, Rob Matteri
Dorsoul A Fascination With Spinning Objects – Mac Wooley, Beau Immel, Andrew Englehorn (Self Titled) / Nick Simmons (A Fascination With Spinning Objects), Rob Matteri
Dorsoul Self Titled
Syphon The Pig Hullabaloo (compilation album single song release of The Lorax) – Mac Wooley, Trevor Shimuzu, Ryan MacArthur, Rob Matteri


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